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Childhood Emotional Neglect 

Krystal specializes in treating adults and adolescents who deal with Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) as well as childhood trauma. She is a certified CEN counselor. 


What is CEN? It is a parents failure to respond ENOUGH to a child's emotional needs. It's not something that happened like abuse or neglect. Essentially, it is something that DIDN'T happen. Many people have no idea that CEN is responsible for the struggles they are experiencing. You can think of it like a blind spot. 

People who have experienced CEN may have difficulty knowing and trusting their own emotions as adults as well as the emotions of others. Some people have described it as feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, or empty. They may feel like something is missing in their life but they're not sure what it is. 

Krystal is here for you to explore the concept of Childhood Emotional Neglect and  trauma that you may have experienced in life so that you can have understanding and experience healing. 

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Krystal would love the opportunity to work with you in becoming better, happier, and more fulfilled. 

Contact Krystal at (608) 570-5091 or email:

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