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Frequently Asked Counseling Questions

What is your fee? 

My fee for individual therapy for self-pay (clients paying out of pocket and not insurance) is $150 for a 50 minute session 

Do you offer a sliding scale?

I believe that therapy should be accessible to everyone; for this reason I do offer a reduced-fee based on a sliding scale that's ranges from $75-150/hour. If you are experiencing a financial hardship don't let this stop you from reaching out. Please contact me to discuss further. 

How often will I see you?

I typically see individual clients once per week. Seeing each other weekly allows for the work to move along at a good pace. 

Do you see couples or children? 

Primarily I help adult individuals. I will also work with older children (adolescence/juveniles) and their caregivers. However,  at this time I do NOT see couples or YOUNG children. I would be happy to share some referrals with you for local couples or child therapist that I know and trust, if that would be helpful. 

How will I know if you're the right therapist for me?

This is a very important question. You are dedicating time and resources and want to be sure you are picking the right person. You should consider logistical factors (office location, availability) as well as personal factors (my training and expertise, personality, and 'the feel' you get).

A good relationship with anyone --including your therapist-- depends in large part on chemistryAn initial phone conversation should be able to answer some of these questions - I suggest you think about the question that will inform your decision. Sometimes you have to be in the room with someone before you truly have a feel for the person. The first couple of face-to-face sessions can continue to inform your decision and we can talk about any ongoing reservations or concerns you might have. 

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